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People Are LOVING ChromEngage!
We've Had A LOT Of People Excited About This New Form Of Automated Traffic & Lead Generation - Check Out Their Stories & Experiences With ChromEngage Below.

We're adding more success stories and reviews from our (many) happy users - but all of their stories won't fit here, you'd be scrolling for ages!!!  So if you see just a photo, click it to see learn how they're using ChromEngage and how they've found it working for them.

Samuel Weissman

Brad Meyers

Amy P.

Most people struggle with driving traffic, but ChromeEngage gives a new COOL way of driving traffic without paying per click. This is a cool method and we are definitely incorporating it in our campaigns.

- Neil Napier

There's a lot of ways to drive traffic, but what I really liked about Chrome Engage was how easy it was to use.  I left my staff with a tutorial and ChromeEngage and they created extensions for 3 of my sites today. WOW!

- Cyril Gupta

- Delilah Taylor

Anthony Earp

Jonathon Roland

George Nieves

June Nelson

May Denver

Kory Pearman

Aravindh Sridhar

Alex Albert

Henry Rodriguez

Well the first word that comes to mind when I think of Chrome Engage is WOW!

Alright now let me explain I want to say at first I was a bit skeptical about the product and just could not really get grasp the potential on it. How many people will tell you that? 

Not many right?  When I actually tried it and then starting looking at the results, I QUICKLY changed my mind.  This is a VERY powerful product!

So what I am saying here is look close.  You don't want to miss the amazing traffic generation and the listbuilding combination and even better? Being about to then engage those people in one of the most powerful ways to generate HIGH CTR rates.

DON'T HESITATE.  Dive into this amazing product, backed by a team that is also ready to help you succeed online. Congrats you all you have a winner!  Highly Recommended!

- Chris Jenkins

- Dr Sameer Joshi

Madhu Fernando

Jeremy @ Unrivalled

Priya Taunk

Ely Shemer

Ali G

Ope Banwo

Richard Butler In The LifeCoach/NLP Niche

"Change Your Life With NLP" Case Study

Richard Butler is the owner of a lifecoaching and NLP training website and decided to test out ChromEngage with some pretty incredible results!  

Click the image above to see it bigger and hear from Richard himself in the video below.

Automated Email Lead Generation
PLUS Unlimited Push Notifications & More!

Cheaper, More Responsive & In All Ways - BETTER System To Find & Keep Subscribers

To: Internet marketers wanting bigger and better mailing lists and MORE sales
From: Cindy Donovan & team
Re: New Software That Builds Your Lists Automatically After This Quick One-Time Setup!

Whether you want to sell more products, make more money as an affiliate, build your online audience or get more business to your offline store...

Everyone can agree on these three aspects, being the most important keys to any online business. 

  1. Traffic, without it ... you've just got a lonely, sad... pathetic  (did i mention lonely)... website.
  2. Customer or subscriber base.  The larger the list, the bigger the income!
  3. Sales.  Cold, hard ... spendable, in your bank account kind of money. 

A lot of people might try and overcomplicate things, right?

When you have these three things.  An audience, products that sell and people to buy... it WILL make you money.

So why isn't everyone online just swimming in cash?!?   And how do you get your fair share!

You see, the truth is....

A 'simple' three part plan for Internet Marketing cash
SOUNDS easy, but FAR OUT... How may times does each of these 'easy' pieces come with SO MANY CHALLENGES! 

Traffic Challenges: Have you TRIED competing with the millions (yes, actual MILLIONS) of websites online for keywords?  

You have to either spend an obscene amount of money, or ... spend a lot of time.  Either way, every visitor who makes it to your site is worth their weight in gold, because that's usually what you've had to pay to get them there! 

Subscriber Challenges: Once you DO get them to your site, getting them to sign up to your list can be tricky - and is email (or push notifications even) enough on their own?  How do you get your messages in front of people better?  Faster?  Cheaper?

Sales Challenges: Having a big list can sound like a good thing, but it can be expensive if they aren't buying enough from you.  You need your list to be contantly growning with fresh, targeted, engaged subscribers, or you'll just end up with massive autoresponder fees and nothing to show for it.

Building targeted subscriber lists is easy when you have access to a HUGE traffic source, (like free traffic from Google).  Or by paying for traffic - or spending days/weeks/years on SEO.

So like... wait... we're here again...  

Yup... ungodly traffic expenses, trouble building a list and turning it into cash. 

Wow, it's no wonder so many website owners can be left feeling like a hamster on an neverending wheel of frustration... 

Paid traffic is risky.  SEO traffic is just SO much work... which leaves what? 

Well... the solution is a lot easier than you think.  
In fact, it's been staring 53.69% of the entire Internet's audience in the face the whole time! 

The Google Chrome Website Browser

Google Chrome Has More Users Than EVERY OTHER BROWSER Combined

Opening Up A Perfect Opportunity To Use
Google's Own Love Of Google
With Lead Generating Google Chrome Extensions.

Woah... Hit Pause & Rewind Now Just For A Sec...

Google Chrome Extensions?

Why The Heck Would I Want To Do That?

That's a great question... The short answer is: 

3.5 Million People EACH DAY Search The Google Extensions Directory

This secret search database is your ticket to mining a HUGE hoard of traffic in ANY niche.

Money. Weight Loss. Tech. Dating. Social Media. Pizza Recipes. Farming. Music. Health. Books.  Poker.  Insurance. Fashion. Real Estate. Computer Hardware. Electronics & Appliances. Home Decor. Media. Dance.  Aerobics.  Fitness. Education. Personal Development. Cellphones.  Smart Gadgets. Accessories. Automobiles. Nutrition. Hypnosis. Hammers. Carpentry. Butterfly Collecting.  Pet Care. Metal Detectorists. Highend Handbags. Candy. Children's Toys. Popart. Memorabilia. Magic Tricks. Headphones. Astrophysics. Student Loans...

Whatever niche your little heart desires - there is a hungry group of searchers waiting to find you

And when they install your extension you'll be able to send push notifications, collect their email address and keep bringing them back to your site.

Um... Why Are Push Notifications Such A Big Deal? 

Well - Another good question!  (I'm glad you asked.... haha) 

Push notifications let you send notifications directly to a person's desktop.  You don't need to write huge emails, it's just like sending a text message, but direct to their computer and when they click it, you can send them to whatever link you choose. 

Right now, it's the cheapest tool to stay in touch with your subscribers too!  

We've worked out a way to allow you to send UNLIMITED messages (no caps on subscribers or the number of times you message them, not - and for years to come!), so instead of paying monthly fees to build a HUGE database of subscribers, you can use our system and never pay again. 

Aren't there other software products already that let me do push notifications?

Yes and no.  

Yes there are different tools that let you add some code to your site, collect subscribers and send push notifications. 

But there is nothing out there that lets you

- Build your email list at the same time as you...
- Collect a subscriber group for push notifications
- Gives you unlimited, uncapped ability to grow 
- Adds YOUR logo to their website browser 
- Links to YOUR website (or whatever offer/page you choose)
- Gives you one of the most POWERFUL Google backlinks possible 
- Grabbing search traffic from a hungry audience in minutes from now

And THAT Is Why This Is Such A Perfect, Simple To Use Product! 

We've Combined Lead Capture & Push Notifications
With FREE Website Traffic To Any Page You Choose

Creating A Handsfree List Building System Fuelled By Targeted Search Traffic 

FREE TRAFFIC: Google's ego ensures your Chrome directory listings rank higher (and get listed faster) in Google searches

BONUS SUBSCRIBERS: You'll also tap into a new source of one-click subscribers directly from the directory searches

RESPONSIVE LISTS: Send UNLIMITED push notifications (no caps or added fees) + added to your email autoresponder too!

And Oh... Boy, It's Being Used With Incredible Results! 
See How Chrome Extension Lead Magnets Are Driving More Traffic, Getting More Leads & Earning People More Money!

NEWBIE WARNING: The following contains a case study performed by an experienced marketer. The regular method we've created is as simple as adding your details of your website and clicking to download the zip file, but as you can see - it can be used for more advanced purposes.

As a special bonus, we will be teaching you how to use this strategy in a live training session - but to begin, we recommend starting out with a simple website traffic and lead generation campaign for fast results. 

ChromEngage Makes Money
FOUR Affiliate Sales From One Push Notification

One push notification sent to people ONLY added as a result of having one of our ChromEngage extensions listed in the directory. 

His technique was simple.  

  • - Bought a cheap piece of software to give away as a lead magnet
    - Created an extension with ChromEngage & published in Chrome Store
    - Collected handsfree email & push notification leads
    - Sent a push notification and made money as an affiliate

  • Now he has the leads, he can do this over and over again AND the list is still growing!  Watch the video to see how he did it. 


ChromEngage Drives Traffic
Page 1 Google Rankings Out Of 63,700 Results

An obvious benefit of being listed on the Google Chrome Store is the SEO advantage.  This was ranked by the name of the ChromEngage extension he created. You can get strong rankings from the extension name you choose, as well as the description and any tags you add too!  

ChromEngage Builds Email Lists
83 Handsfree Email Leads (11 in ONE day!)

The ChromEngage extensions are created to leverage every part of the traffic that comes to your website and to the Google Chrome directory. 

These leads were captured as part of the automatically built-in lead generation funnel.  When someone installs your ChromEngage extension you'll automatically be able to send push notifications, but by capturing their email addresses you can stay in contact with them via email - even if they uninstall your extension. 

The money is in the list - and with lists built for you from organic search traffic?  Well, those are the BEST kind of leads.  Targeted, automated and constantly fresh.

Wait, You Said There's An EASY Option?

A software that makes these Chrome Extensions with 1 click.

Giving you an extension that's custom created for your website, both enticing to your website visitors AND gets subscribers and traffic all automatically? 

Yes, easy it is. 

In fact, if you can follow 2-3 easy to follow steps, and click where you are told, then you can have a Google Extension in just a few minutes, that starts bringing traffic and email subscribers and fresh new buyers to your website in less than 24 hours.

We've Made Profitable List Building 100% Point & Click Simple!


Fill Out Your Details

Add your website name, URL, your logo, activate notifications etc.  Our ChromEngage software turns your info into zip file ready for you to upload to the Chrome Extension directory!

Submit To Google

Upload your extension. You will need to pay a $5 fee, which lets you upload 20 extensions (just $0.25 per extension) and there is no approval process so as soon as you upload, it's live!

Add To Your Site

We'll give you a short snippet of code to add to your website, OR if your website is on Wordpress you can simply upload and activate our plugin - it couldn't be more simple!

That's It! Your ChromEngage Lead Magnet Is Live!
Now the REAL magic begins


ChromEngage List Building Goes To Work Right Away! 

When a visitor arrives on your page, they'll be greeted by this friendly notification:

If They Are Using Chrome

Our software automatically detects their browser type and if they are one of the 53%+ users who have Chrome installed it will show them something like this: 

If They're Not Using Chrome

Since that leaves some people using different browsers, we've thought of that too!  Those people will see a message like this instead, encouraging them still... to sign up!

They Click & Are Automatically Taken To This:   

Your very own Chrome Extension page prompting them to install your extension

Professional Look & Feel, Hosted By Google In Their Directory

This all happens for you, without any extra work on your behalf.  You simply take the zip file we give you, upload it and add your website details.  Once it's set up in the Google Chrome directory and you've enabled push notifications, anyone who has your extension installed (they simply click 'add to chrome') you can send them push notifications, delivering a traffic driving call to action whenever you choose via our easy to use dashboard. 

Now Push Notifications Are Instantly Enabled

Now you're in business!  

You can send unlimited notifications, to unlimited number of subscribers straight to their desktop any time you want to reach out to your subscribers


But... We Didn't Stop There!

Push notifications are AWESOME, but we promised you email leads too yeah?

Once they have clicked to activate your extention our plugin automatically welcomes them with a special greeting page like this: 

Subscribing Them To Your List

You can control everything in your ChromEngage cloudbased members area, so there's no need to install any software or have any fancy tech specifications.

Simply connect your autoresponder in your dashboard and our system creates this welcome page for you giving you the best results with just a couple of clicks!

We're fully integrated with GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp or you can import your html embed code from any other autoresponder.

Even Better?  You'll Tap Into Streams Of Traffic By Instantly Getting
One Of The Most Powerful Backlinks On The Internet.. 
From GOOGLE Themselves!

Uploading the zip file we give you, to the Google Chrome store is instant.  

There is no approval process or anything technical you need to do at all.  You just choose your name and upload the file. 

What we haven't mentioned however, is that since Google Chrome is owned by Google ... you'll also INSTANTLY increase your websites SEO visibility with: 

Faster SE Spidering

Google Backlink

Higher Rankings

Organic Traffic

  • Getting noticed by search engine spiders almost instantly, so faster listing in SE's
  • A powerful backlink by the most respected search engine online
  • Listing in the Google Chrome directory, searched by millions every day
  • Organic traffic from the Google Chrome directory

See How It Works Below

To Discover Just How FAST & EASY ChromEngage Lead Gen Really Is!

ChromEngage Is Your Solution For Faster
& Easier Handsfree List Building

Cloudbased SaaS Platform: Will work on PC, Mac and on any browser

Done For You Extension Builder:  ChromEngage builds a completely done for you lead magnet

100% Newbie Friendly: Buy today and always have access to future upgrades and improvements to the ChromEngage platform

Unlimited Push Notifications: No hidden fees or subscriber limits, send notifications to all of your subscribers any time you like

Autoresponder Integration: Add your new extension users to your email list too!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Don't like it?  No worries. Try for a full 30 days, no risk.

Today You Can Have Your Own Lead Pulling ChromEngage Magnets Live In Minutes!

We're excited to get your first ChromEngage magnet live, with everything created the moment you add your details and follow our SIMPLE step by step instructions - from the actual extension creation, lead generation landing page, widgets and even push notifications set up in moments.

I'm sure you can see the value, easily being able to charge hundreds of dollars for a revolutionary tool like this, but we're keeping this as accessible as possible - putting a power packed tool in your hands, without having to ourlay a ton of cash in the process. 

So now's the time to take action!  Choose your option below and you'll get instant access, no matter what time of day.


1 ChromEngage
Lead Magnet

Create 1 Chrome Extension lead magnet

ChromEngage 1 Lead Magnet

25 ChromEngage Lead Magnets


Create 25 Chrome Extension lead magnets


10 ChromEngage
Lead Magnets

Create 10 Chrome Extension lead magnets

ChromEngage 10 Lead Magnets

To Your Success,

We fully stand behind our products and are confident that you’ll be happy with our code. That said, we understand one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. If things aren’t working out and we can’t resolve your issue, we’re happy to give you a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase date.  (Your extensions will no longer work if you refund your purchase)

ChromEngage is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to tap in to this hot source of hungry lead generation source, without having to touch a single line of code. 

Our automated set up makes it easier than ever, so NOW is the time to get your site in the directory loved and used by the billions of people who use Chrome every day. 

There's never been a better time to get more commissions, sign ups and sales from what you have than right now!  I look forward to seeing you on the downloads page shortly.

To Your Success,

Cindy Donovan & Team ChromEngage 

P.S. Now is the time to take action!  I promise, you won't be disappointed!


Get ChromEngage Early Adopters Access Today!

Will this work on my site?

Of course, we have made ChromEngage compatible to every website in the world.

Are there any monthly fees?

Not at all - with just a one time payment you get to keep ChromEngage without ever paying again.

Is ChromEngage user friendly?

All of our software interfaces are made keeping the users in mind, we have a lot of raving reviews from our customers about the ease of use of our software and ChromEngage is no different.

Are there any out of pocket (extra) costs?

Yes - Google charges a small fee of $5 mainly for account verification purpose before you can upload your extension to the Google Chrome store. You can upload upto 20 extensions after paying $5.

How many site's can I use this on?

Depending on the license you purchase - anywhere
from a single site to twenty five (25) sites.

Does this include developers license?

No. This license is for personal use only - to be used on sites you own.  If you are a developer, your client can purchase their own license.

Are your products supported?

Of course - we always put our customers above anything else, our support desk works 24/7.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we have a 30 day guarantee.  If you decide it's not for you, simply let me know. 

This website in no way is affiliated with FaceBook or any FaceBook entities. Once you leave FaceBook the responsibility no longer is on their site.
We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant.
If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.


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