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Your Own 'Powered By'

Rebrand the widget with your own branding removing 'ChromEngage' branding.

Custom Widget

Change the look and feel of the widget to better match your website.

Tracking Analytics

Data is power! This upgrade lets you to see how many people visit, click and install.

Custom Lead Capture

Edit the wording, colour, font styles and more on your auto-created landing page.

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Unlock Customisation Features For More Subscribers

Increase Signups With Full Control Over Design, Functionality & Added Tracking

This secret weapon boosts your lead magnets SUCK power to EPIC levels.

A power so strong it literally pulls leads STRAIGHT to your autoresponder account

Your Chrome lead magnets are designed to work for you as soon as you download and connect them with your site, but with the popularity of ChromEngage you're going to be seeing a LOT of these popups on people's websites soon. 

This pro level upgrade lets yours look even better

Matching your colours, putting in your own logos or just choosing when it shows so it works better with the content on your page... 

With ChromElite everything is available to you at the touch of a button. 

Customisation is easy - everything is managed in your ChromEngage dashboard and updated quickly and easily. 

Here's a breakdown of the features you'll be able to unlock when you add on this once-only upgrade offer. 

NOTE: This is a once-off offer (we are not just saying this!!! You will only EVER see this offer on this page).  

This is your ONLY chance to add these features to all of your ChromEngage lead magnets - and the features will be unlocked for life at this single payment today.  If you decide this isn't for you - that's up to you, but our most successful members love these extra features. 

Customise Your Lead Magnet Widget

Without This Upgrade

Our software automatically creates these attention grabbing browser detecting displays on your website already - that look like this: 

With The Upgrade You Can Unlock All Of These Options

With Your Added Premium Features

The ChromElite addon lets you customise your widget further (with more options for customisation coming up soon in a future release too!)

And while the change may sound small - our members who are seeing this are seeing as much as 300% bump in clicks, by having the ability to change up the image you can: 

  • Increase visability
  • Prevent 'banner blindness' 
  • Add a custom logo
  • Or your own pic (for branding)
  • Or add movement with a GIF

And change it as often as you like, so your visitors will never miss it.

One of the most challenging things about advertising online is the risk of not being seen.

If you're ads & optin forms get ignored here's your solution

Add Your Logo or GIF's

Customise Your Font Styles

Match Your Site Colors 

Add Your Own Branding

Customise Your Lead Capture Page: 

Your Chrome Extension lead magnet grabs you new subscribers for push notifications and then funnels them to the lead capture page we've built for you - the ChromElite addon gives you more customisation control here too!

Regular Accounts See Just This

Your copy of ChromEngage already comes with the ability to connect your autoresponder (GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber and you can add html forms for other platforms.

BUT... When you upgrade today, in your account you'll find a WHOLE lot more

These Features Will Be Revealed In Your Account

If you want close to 100% conversion rates from people following through from installing the extension to signing up from your list, then you need this. 

These options let you customise in a way that ties in with your site, offers more incentive to subscribe and get them clicking that 'YES' button with much more enthusiasm.

Add Your Giveaway Image

The standard version captures leads - but this takes it to an entirely new level - letting you personalise it showing a visual description of what it is your subscribers will receive as your hook to get them in - so you're no longer just saying 'sign up for emails' - you can really encourage higher conversions by offering bigger incentives, more targeted giveaways that are apparent on the form.

Edit Font Styles & Pop Up Colors

You can match your pop up email subscribe form to match the colour and feel of your website, so it helps tie in perfectly and gives a seamless experience for the new subscribers of your push notifications... gently nudging them on to receive email subscriptions too.

Create Personalised Headlines

Want to make your optin offer more enticing?  The best way to do that is to tell them exactly what they are going to get - and really PUSH that offer harder. 

With this upgrade you'll be able to edit the text on the email pop up request, so you can encourage more people to sign up using your marketing prowess.

Increase Clicks With Your Own CTA's

Add your own text allowing you to test and work with what gets you the best results - getting you more sign ups so you'll not only be able to send your push notifications to people with the extension installed - you'll be able to stay in touch with them via email too!

These extra features are only available to you from this page!

Don't miss out on this opportunity - Click the order button to unlock these features in your account.

But... We've given you more too!

ChromElite gives you a birds-eye view of how your lead magnets are performing




Easy To Understand Tracking Statistics

With your lead magnets active, you'll be able to know which of your extensions is working the best - and with the ability to test and tweak your landing pages and widget design, text and more, you're guaranteed more signups and conversions. 


As a pro member you can make your push notications pack even MORE of a punch with the option to remove the 'Powered By' text

This bonus will be automatically unlocked in your account when you upgrade now. 

For our PRO users we've also added the ability to add more oomph to your push notifications - giving you the chance to remove the ChromEngage branding too.   

Basic Level ChromEngage Push Notifications Will Look Like This: 

While You'll Be Able To Do THIS With Your Push Notifications:

Unlock the COMPLETE Power Of ChromEngage

And Have ALL Of These Features Automatically Added To Your Lead Magnets

Custom "Powered By" Branding: Rebrand the widget with your own branding removing 'ChromEngage' branding

Greater Control Over Widget Design: Change the look and feel of the widget to better match your website

Customise Landing Page Design & Text: Edit the wording, colour, font styles and more on your auto-created landing page

Tracking & Statistics : Data is power! This upgrade lets you to see how many people visit, click and install

Powered By Removed On Push Notifications : Send your messages without the added ChromEngage branding on them

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Don't like it?  No worries. This pro level version also comes with our full, no risk 30 day guarantee.

Upgrade To ChromElite With This Earlybird Offer



ChromElite is the best way to max out your subscriber count AND take advantage of unlimited push notifications and lead generation better than ever before.  BUT... this offer is limited and ONLY available from this page - right now. 

So now's the time to upgrade!  We've got a 30 day money back guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose - and so very much to gain!

Click the button above to have these new features unlocked today. 

Cindy Donovan

Ijlal Ahmed

Shane Brooks

Zeeshan Ahmed

To Your Success,

Team ChromEngage

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